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2-on-1 Live Patient Hands-On &

Third Molar Impaction Training Course

Training is held in Salt Lake City, Utah

Dates are the first Thursday & Friday of each month

The Western Surgical and Sedation 2:1 Live Patient Hands-On Impaction Course (IC) is our most popular course. The course is taught by Dr. Heath Hendrickson. Dr. Hendrickson has removed over 200,000 third molars under IV sedation and maintains a private practice wholly dedicated to the removal of third molars under IV sedation.

The course is part home study and part live in office clinical. Review the 2 hour lecture at home at your leisure. Then spend a day working side by side with Dr. Hendrickson in his private practice. Enjoy having him right over your shoulder as you see patient after patient.

Share each patient with Dr. Hendrickson and take the opportunity to see his skills and then allow him to guide your hands as you learn his system to safely and efficiently remove third molars.

The clinical day typically consists of 15 patients. Watch closely as Dr. Hendrickson demonstrates the process and then steps back and allows you to apply what you are learning. Participants are guaranteed between 15 and 30 impactions removed under the watchful care and direction of Dr. Hendrickson.

WHY Choose the 2:1 Live Patient Hands-On

Third Molar Impaction Training Course?

  • AFFORDABLE: $12,500

  • ROI: Leave the course and immediately increase your revenue. Start seeing patients the next day.

  • EXPERIENCE: Work directly with Dr. Hendrickson as you remove 15 - 30 impactions under his watch. He will gently guide you through your choke points and help you achieve the best clinical outcome for your patients.

  • PROVEN TECHNIQUE: Learn the exact technique that has earned Dr. Hendrickson the title of "Dr. Wisdom Teeth". He has perfected the seven step process to third molar removal and he is anxious to share everything he knows with you.

  • IDEAL CLINICAL SETTING: All patients are sedated to enhance your learning experience. The 1:1 surgery experience with Dr. Hendrickson is the ideal way to make sure you are performing each step as cleanly as possible.

  • NEW SKILLS AND NEW TOOLS: The right tools make the job. Become familiar with a new armamentarium designed to make the process flow smoothly. Dr. Hendrickson will introduce you to the instruments, handpiece, burs and techniques that will help guarantee your success.

  • LEARN FROM OUR TEAM: Not only will your time with Dr. Hendrickson be invaluable, but watching his team and experiencing their technique as they assist you will inspire you to motivate your team to support you better.

Available Dates:

Feb 1-2, 2024

Feb 29 - March 1, 2024

April 4-5, 2024

June 6-7, 2024

July 11-12, 2024

August 1-2, 2024

Sept 5-6, 2024

Oct 3-4, 2024

Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2024

Dec 5-6, 2024

WSS does not use typodonts, pig jaws, or cadavers. All third molar training is done with live patients.

WSS is not an implant training company that offers third molar courses. We only teach third molar removal and sedation. The WSS Impaction Course is the ORIGINAL Hands-0n Live Patient Impaction Course. If you want to learn how to place implants, take an implant course. If you want to learn how to efficiently, predictably, profitably and safely remove impacted third molars, take the WSS Impaction Course directed by “Dr. Wisdom Teeth” himself Dr. Heath Hendrickson.

Participants review the lecture videos and materials before attending. Then, before clinic starts, you will spend time reviewing the material and touching on the most important principles. Participants then put on their headlights and spend the next 6 hours performing third molar removal side by side with Dr. Hendrickson. Each patient becomes a learning experience as the participant observes Dr. Hendrickson remove 1 - 2 third molars and then steps in themselves to complete the last 1 - 2 molar removals. Observing and doing, patient after patient all day long. Each participant will remove between 15 and 30 third molars under the careful watch and helpful hands of Dr. Hendrickson. All patients are sedated for your comfort in the learning process.

Each patient’s panoramic x-ray is reviewed before and after treatment.

You will learn efficient flap design, suturing, radiographic markers, how to use a straight surgical drill, the bur depth gauge, how to avoid nerve injury, the buccal approach, 7-step mandibular third molar removal, and more.

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