WSS One-On-One Training

To schedule or questions let us know at (385) 202-3630
  • 2 day in-office course
  • Cost: $12,000 + expenses
  • We come to you – No flight, no hotel
  • Affordable – stay in your office, be productive
  • Customized to your needs – you choose your patients
  • Ideal 1:1 clinical learning for doctor and staff
  • Free “Impacted Third Molars” book
  • Invite a dental colleague and split the price between you.  Cost Effective!

Airline and hotel expenses add up. Many dentists will have airline connections in one or more cities before reaching their course destination. Travel days are days away from your office. Fixed overhead continues while you are away. A two-day course is really four days away from the office when you consider travel. Don’t forget hotel expenses, food, rental car and Uber. The cost of training can be decreased in two ways. (1) You can charge your patients a reduced fee. (2) A colleague can join you and share the course fee.

WSS will come to you and customize lectures and hands on live patient training. Customized training is laser focused on the exact cases that will challenge you. This means that you can select patients and procedures that push the envelope for your level of training and experience. WSS will review panoramic x-rays before you schedule patients. Learn to remove most teeth (including impacted third molars) predictably in less than 10 minutes.