WHY Choose the Live Patient Hands-On Third Molar Impaction Training Course?

  • Affordable at $12,500
  • The ORIGINAL Hands-On Live Patient Impaction Course
  • More than 80,000 Third Molars Removed by Director Dr. Hendrickson
  • Ideal clinical learning – 1:1 faculty
  • Patient ratio (8 Impaction surgeries per participant, assist 8 more)
  • Patient’s panoramic x-ray review

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WSS does not use typodonts, pig jaws, or cadavers. All third molar training is done with live patients.

WSS is not an implant training company that offers third molar courses. We only teach exodontia and sedation. The WSS Impaction Course is the ORIGINAL Hands-0n Live Patient Impaction Course. If you want to learn how to place implants, take an implant course. If you want to learn how to efficiently, predictably, profitably and safely remove impacted third molars, take the WSS Impaction Course directed by “Dr. Wisdom Teeth” himself Dr. Heath Hendrickson. 

Participants attend a lecture and observe Dr. Hendrickson removing 32 impacted third molars with a certified nurse anesthetist Friday morning.  Learn how to implement oral and/or IV Sedation into your third molar protocol. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for hands-on live patient treatment. Dentists work in pairs; one assisting and one treating. You are guaranteed 8 impacted third molars. A WSS faculty member will always be in the operatory with you. The 1:1 patient instructor ratio promotes dialogue and learning. All patients are sedated.

Each patient’s panoramic x-ray is reviewed after treatment. Participants discuss treatment and interact with WSS faculty.

You will learn efficient flap design, suturing, radiographic markers, how to use a straight surgical drill, the bur depth gauge, how to avoid nerve injury, the buccal approach, 7-step mandibular third molar removal, and more.