IV Sedation & Third Molar Extraction Course Dates NOW AVAILABLE!

IV Sedation & Third Molar Extraction Course Dates NOW AVAILABLE!

Advanced IV Moderate Sedation & Live Patient Third Molar

Impaction Training

Learn from a PACE Certified provider and experienced team with thousands of successful procedures. Reasonably priced for doctors of any size practice.

Finding A Quality, Certified
Program Shouldn't Be that Difficult.

Do you find yourself ...

  • Dr. Hendrickson, Course Coordinator, has removed hundreds of thousands of third molars under IV sedation

  • Stop letting revenue walk out your door! Keep the most lucrative procedure in dentistry in your office

  • Attend courses that get right to the heart of the matter

  • Find a niche in your area providing 'sleep dentistry' and take your practice to the next level

We understand performing safe & effective third molar extractions & IV sedations can be key to increasing your practice revenue. That is why we developed our proven method that allows you and your team to master these procedures safely, efficiently and effectively.

Stop referring out!

Transforming Educational Courses

Our goal is to augment your knowledge base and skill set in order for you to be able to competently perform these procedures in your dental practice.

Explore Our Courses

Elevate your dental expertise to unprecedented heights by mastering the art of IV moderate sedation and impacted third molar removal! Our exclusive training program is your ticket to setting yourself apart from the competition and becoming the go-to expert in these specialized procedures.

Get Experienced Guidance

When you have a question, get assistance from an experienced team that has safely completed tens of thousands of procedures. With our online doctor portal, keep your learning at your fingertips for years to come. Don't just be "a general dentist"; be "the dentist" patients turn to for excellence in IV sedation and third molar removal. Sign up now and sculpt your path to unparalleled success!

Grow Your Practice

Embark on an exhilarating journey with your newfound skill set, poised to revolutionize your practice! With not just education but an unwavering team of experts by your side, propelling you towards unprecedented success. Seize the moment, embrace the journey, and watch your practice soar to new heights!


Hear from other doctors like you....

Dr. Glenn Vo Flower Mound, TX
Third Molar Impaction Training Course

“When I came to this course, my goal was to really clean up my surgical skills. I was already taking wisdom teeth out, but I wanted to go somewhere where I could refine those techniques. Dr. Hendrickson has so much experience.. and it was all here in the states. They over exceeded my expectations!”

Dr. Patricia Sharp Juneau, AK

Third Molar Impaction Training

“Dr. Hendrickson is really warm and down to earth and he never made me feel like I was beneath him. He made me feel like his equal, a colleague. I would describe his teaching methods as simple, I think simple is better. I think clarity is really important when you are doing something new. I traveled 3,000 miles to be here, so I would say, do it! Don’t wait!”

Dr. John Brady Yuba City, CA

IV Moderate Sedation Training

“You can walk out of here and say this is something I can do, I am not worried like I was when I first came in. This course is everything I hoped it would be so that I can get out of here and not be like, ‘Wow, this is still to big for me.’ And it isn’t, they have broken it down so simple, makes it easy, everybody can do it. It is a simple technique and very, very safe. It is fantastic.”

Dr. Justin Leath Rochester, MI

Third Molar Impaction Course

“Don’t look anywhere else, this is your place, Western Surgical and Sedation. Heath is a general dentist, he is super friendly and he is on your side. I have taken many courses, people call me a CE junkie, but I have yet to find one better than this!”

Dr. Daniel Binkowski Story City, IA

Third Molar Impaction Training Course

“If you are not doing wisdom teeth, I would encourage you to come and take this course, because I think you would be surprised what you can do with a little bit of training. A lot of the cases you are sending out you can easily do yourself. The first case they gave me after some instruction I think I did in about half the time I normally do….It has been a great experience, absolutely great!”

Dr. Brent Porter Santa Cruz, CA

IV Moderate Sedation Training Course

“The key reason [I came] was to learn to incorporate a technique that … has utilized in my office for the past 8 years. To keep it number 1, safe, and just a painless experience for the patient. It is a Course I wish I would have taken 15 years ago. It just delivers a margin of safety that every general dentist with a patient-centered focus worries about. The ability to titrate the individual sedation per patient is wonderful!”

Dr. Nelson Nuñez, Texarkana, TX

IV Moderate Sedation Training Course

“I would say, if you want to learn the right and the safe way to give IV sedation to your patients, understanding the parameters, learning the medication that you are using and how to use them correctly and safely for all your patients; this is the course to take.”t!”

Dr. Josh Rudin Eagle, CO

Third Molar Impaction Training

“I just wanted to thank Heath for opening up this fun and exciting avenue for production in my office. I have been doing one Friday of surgeries every other month since October. But demand is growing rapidly, and I may need to figure out how to incorporate it into the daily practice. WSS exceeded all expectations. Thanks guys!”

Course Overviews

Discover Which Course Is Right For You

IV Moderate Sedation Training

Western Surgical and Sedation offers an affordable and comprehensive IV Moderate Sedation Training Course (parenteral moderate sedation). Our IV course follows the objectives and content recommended by the American Dental Association Guidelines for Teaching Pain Control and Sedation to Dentists and Dental Students.

Live Patient Third Molar Impaction Training

The Western Surgical and Sedation 2:1 Live Patient Hands-On Impaction Course (IC) is our most popular course. The course is taught by Dr. Heath Hendrickson. Dr. Hendrickson has removed over 200,000 third molars under IV sedation and maintains a private practice wholly dedicated to the removal of third molars under IV sedation.

The course is part home study and part live in office clinical. Review the 2 hour lecture at home at your leisure. Then spend a day working side by side with Dr. Hendrickson in his private practice. Enjoy having him right over your shoulder as you see patient after patient.


Dr. Hendrickson, Course Director, has been performing IV Moderate Sedation in his practice since 2002 and has safely sedated over 60,000 patients.

His teaching team consists of Nurse Anesthetists, EMTs, and other general dentists who perform daily IV Moderate Sedations in their practices.

Share each patient with Dr. Hendrickson and take the opportunity to see his skills and then allow him to guide your hands as you learn his system to safely and efficiently remove third molars.

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