WHY Choose the Live Patient Dental IV Moderate Sedation Training Course?

  • Affordable – $18,950
  • Compact – one week, one flight, one hotel.
  • Common sense training – patient selection, titration, airway patency, and more.
  • Passionate and experienced faculty – thousands of sedations.
  • Accepted by most states – WSS alumni from 22 states have IV sedation permits.
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Western Surgical and Sedation’s Dental IV Sedation course is affordable and focused. Complete your training in 60 hours and 6 focused days.* We teach the recommended content and objectives of the American Dental Association. 

Other organizations offer expensive courses requiring multiple visits and time away from your office and family. This results in loss of office income and increased travel expenses in addition to expensive course fees ($15,000 – $20,000). The ADA recommended guidelines clearly state that 60 hours is sufficient to train dentists to SAFELY administer IV moderate sedation. WSS covers all objectives and content recommended by the American Dental Association. Our affordable ($11,950) IV course requires one week, one flight, and one hotel.*

Our faculty includes anesthesiologists, paramedics, a psychologist, and other professionals with thousands of hours of experience providing parenteral sedation.   Dr. Hendrickson has safely completed or attended as a surgeon, over 35,000 sedations.

WSS’s Dental IV Sedation Course is Succinct and Concise. We Focus on Common Sense Evidence-Based things that matter.

For Example:

Patient Selection -WSS does not recommend treating medically compromised patients unless the anesthesia is provided by an anesthesiologist or CRNA. We recommend limiting sedation to ASA I and ASA II patients.

Titration – WSS focuses on the proper administration (titration) of 2 drugs, fentanyl, and midazolam (versed).  In combination with a ‘magic’ oral sedation enhancer.

Airway patency – WSS will train you to confidently manage your patient’s airway. Anesthesia complications virtually always begin with a compromised airway.

Proficiency is accomplished through lecture, repetition, and hands-on training.

WSS will train you to SAFELY and confidently provide IV moderate sedation for your patients.

*WSS’s IV sedation course is accepted by most states. Special arrangements can usually be made for states whose permit requirements exceed ADA’s recommendations. States where WSS alumni have IV sedation permits:

1. Illinois
2. Utah
3. Alaska
4. California
5. New York

6. Tennessee
7. Texas
8. Oregon
9. Washington
10. Montana

11. Arizona
12. Idaho
13. New Mexico
14. Wisconsin
15. Virginia

16. Nebraska
17. North Carolina
18. Georgia
19. Arkansas
20. Delaware

21. Kentucky
22. Iowa

*Plus an additional 20 hours online with acls-algorithms.com. Total of 80 hours