WHY Choose the WSS Early Third Molar Removal Training Course?

Learn from Director Dr. Heath Hendrickson who has removed over 200,000 impacted third molars with IVsedation.
  • Affordable (ROI) – $2500
  • AAMOS white paper
  • Increase the “window”
  • Predictable third molars
  • Fast recovery

Germectomy, as defined by the American Association of Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAMOS), is the removal of a tooth with 0-1/3 root development. The WSS ETMR course will teach to safely and predictably remove selected third molars with 0-1/3 root development.

The ETMR course return on investment (ROI) is very high when compared to the course cost. A third molar germectomy is always a full bony impaction and is covered by insurance companies. The removal of impacted third molars is one of the most profitable procedures in dentistry.

The ideal time to remove third molars is when the roots are 1/2 -3/4 developed. However, it is not always possible to remove third molars at the ideal time. Loss of insurance coverage, residence relocation, and anxiety are just a few reasons why patients may not remove third molars at the ideal time. Case selection and proficiency in third molar germectomy increases the “window” of safe removal. The AAMOS 2007 white paper on third molars concluded that “third molar germectomy may result in decreased post-operative complications”.

The prophylactic removal of third molars may be indicated when there is inadequate room for eruption. The WSS Early Third Molar Removal course will teach you when to proceed and when to wait. Properly timed germectomy can be a predictable and safe procedure. Teen age patients typically have a fast and uneventful recovery.

WSS will train you to predictably, efficiently, and safely remove impacted third molars.

Dr. Heath Hendrickson, the owner of Wisdom Teeth Only has removed more than 200,000 third molars.