WSS courses may include controversial materials. WSS acknowledges that there is potential risk to participants using limited knowledge when incorporating new techniques and procedures into their practices. WSS assumes no responsibility and cannot be held liable for the clinical diagnosis or treatment of any individual patient.


Western Surgical and Sedation trains with live patients. We do not use typodont models, pig jaws, or cadaver heads. WSS offers four ways to improve your practice and exodontia skills.

1. Live Impaction Course

Live patient impaction courses in UTAH. Stop referring out! Remove impacted wisdom teeth with confidence, efficiency, and safety.

2. IV Sedation Course (IV)

Live patient IV sedation courses in California. WSS will train you to SAFELY and confidently provide moderate sedation for your patients. Our course follows the objectives and content of the American Dental Association Guidelines for Teaching Pain Control and Sedation to dentists.

3. Early Third Molar Removal – ETMR (Germectomy)

The ideal time to remove an impacted third molar is when the roots are 1/2- 3/4 developed. However, the ideal time is not always available. Why not include germectomy (roots 0 -1/3)? The 2007 AAOMS white paper on third molars found that germectomy may be associated fewer post-operative complications.

4. One-On-One Training (OT)

Surgical training in your office with Dr. Wayland. Accelerated hands-on training. Your patient fees may cover the cost of training.

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Western Surgical and Sedation Offers

Western Surgical and Sedation offers focused, practical third molar, exodontia, and sedation courses that improve your practice and benefit your patients. We do not teach implant courses. Small class size insures dialogue and understanding. Our concise and succinct courses result in minimal time away from family and practice.

WSS’s course director, with 36 years of experience, literally wrote the book “Impacted Third Molars”. The impacted third molar book also includes two chapters on IV Sedation and one on the mobile third molar practice.

WSS alumni stay connected following courses via the WSS Forum. You have permanent access to Dr. Wayland and the WSS faculty.



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